How to choose cycling goggles

How to choose the right cycling glasses

Cycling Glasses

How to Choose and Why They're Important Cycling Glasses

There are many, many different types of cycling glasses on the market. Each one has its own diferent features and prices, which is why it is very important to know which one best suits the needs and requirements of each individual cyclist. You need to know that cycling goggles, and not just a fashion accessory, but an essential element for your safety on the bike.

Specifically, these accessories serve to protect your eyes from sunlight. They are essential to protect them from dirt and raised by those in front of you-all of which can cause momentary discomfort or annoying conjunctivitis and eye irritation.

Stones can also be very dangerous to the eyes, as well as insects.Therefore, the use of a pair of cycling goggles will allow you to enjoy the cycling experience without fear of these inconveniences

We will analyze below what characteristics should be taken into consideration to make the correct choice.

The frame: shape and materials

How to choose cycling goggles

The best frame solution in terms of materials remains polycarbonate plastic. It is an impact-resistant material, weighs little and in any case is very rare to break in case of a fall, so it is ideal for sportsmen. 

It is also a more enveloping material that adheres better to the contours of the face.
This fact ensures you greater comfort, and superior safety.

However, frames for cycling glasses can have special features. Just think of frames with a ventilation or airflow system.These are ideal accessories for preventing lens fogging.

In terms of shape, cycling goggles should be made more ergonomic and wrap-around that can adhere as closely as possible to the shape of the face so as to prevent any foreign substance from possibly penetrating and reaching the eye. The frame of high-quality cycling goggles also includes ventilation systems for demisting the lenses and also the presence of soft rubber pads that offer the possibility of being adjustable according to the size of one's nose.

The cycling glasses size 

When it comes to eyewear, a perfect fit is essential.

You need glasses that don't move and have good airflow.

In addition to rubber pads , it is necessary that the glasses have the correct size for your face.

The lenses cycling glasses 

And very useful and give you a larger field of vision is the presence of a frame of wrap-around glasses equipped with curved, larger lenses.
In fact, it's like not wearing them because you'll barely notice they're there.
Among the best materials you can find on the market are polycarbonate or NXT lenses.

Other solutions to consider are anti-fog coating on the lenses.

The lenses must also protect against the sun's ultraviolet rays, be equipped with a certified protective filter to protect the retina during the many hours of cycling,while maintaining sufficiently clear vision.  

The color of the lens

The lens color for cycling glasses


Some colors help us see better in certain lighting conditions. The choice of color is crucial for this reason.

Fortunately, many cycling glasses come with interchangeable lenses.

Le smoke gray lenses, for example, tend not to affect color perception, while brown generally helps perceive vehicle silhouettes.

Le transparent lenses are best used when it is dark or when the days are particularly cloudy. Then they should be used on days or with poor visibility, as they allow colors that otherwise lack brightness to be clearly perceived.

Le lenses with mirror coating are best for eliminating glare and blinding, so they are suggested when the sun is very strong.In fact they reduce the impact of the sun.

A separate discussion should be made for the photochromic cycling lenses.

These adapt to various lighting conditions, so they are best suited when the weather is variable.

Another aspect to check when acquistiun pair of cycling glasses is its glare protection index, which is expressed by a number between zero (thus the lightest lens)and four (darkest lens). The greater the external brightness, the darker the lens should be. The darker the sky , the lighter the lens should be.

Cycling Glasses with Graduated Lenses

If the cyclist needs prescription lenses, he or she must order custom-developed sports lenses because of the gradation problems. Thus, the cyclist may decide to have graded lenses fitted to cycling glasses as well, so as to avoid wearing contact lenses in order to have the maximum possible vision and, therefore, total safety. Alternatively, it is possible to choose frames equipped with optical clips that allow corrective lenses to be applied