How to avoid having your bike stolen?

How to avoid having your bike stolen? The best bike anti-theft devices

The Best Bike Burglar Alarms


Today we will try to talk about different aspects on securing our bike! Not only on how to secure the bike through padlocks, but also with the use of other devices. I hope you find it useful and that bikes always stay under our backsides!

The most important aspects to consider when choosing the best bike anti-theft device:

  • Cut Resistance of the Bicycle Burglar Alarm
  • Weight and Dimensions 
  • Price of Bike Anti-Theft
  • Visual Appearance
  • Practicality

We will talk about how to secure your bike both while traveling , and during everyday daily use. Being without a bike is certainly unpleasant and can be a problem, but being without a bike during a trip is definitely a big deal.

Let's go through what we can do together. First, if you are traveling and you have decided to stay in a facility, I recommend that you always avisition, because not all facilities have a specific room for a bicycle storage. If they are notified plrima still have a chance to free up some space for storage of your bike. In short, even if there is no specific room you can often get around the problem.

Let's go through the more practical advice. The first thing I recommend is to get rid of all the quick releases-that is, the one on the seatpost cannoto and those on the wheels. This is because you will prevent some malicious person passing by the side of your bicycle from removing some component. Now for years racomando to be used the kits that can be found safely even at decathlon. 

The headband bike burglar alarm

Regarding padlocks, I have relied on the well-known American company KRYPTONITE Also called U-Lock, the headband bike lock.It is therefore recommended for medium-value bikes left in busy areas. If you intend to leave the bike on the street overnight better to turn to a more expensive one.


The lightweight folding snake

One snake from the excellent quality-price, and the ultimate in portability and lightness . Its length is 90 centimeters so although it is very compact it gives you the possibility to easily tie the bike to a pole even not so thin and especially when traveling loaded you can also tie the bike to a railing. And since with panniers the bike has a large footprint it will allow you to bring the top tube closer even to a railing perhaps far away.Its weight of 1.2 kilograms Is not felt while pedaling. One factor that made me choose this lock is precisely as I mentioned is the bulkiness. This lock you manage to wedge it between the rear wheel and the frame, it's practically like not having it, except for the weight which is another relevant factor. A U-lock of Kryptonite even maybe smaller than this one comes in at 2 kg. There are padlocks that weigh as much as 5 kg, those 10 in 10. You do understand that this is a relevant factor when we already have so much luggage.
luchetto snake light folding

The steel cable

What I want to tell you about finally, however, is the steel cable. This anti-theft device is ideal for locking the bike to a fixed object, having ends that ofronno the possibility of inserting a padlock. Its advantage is its resistance to cutting. It turns out to be one of the strongest solutions ever, because to force it, the thief would have to use blowtorch fusion or a disc wheel. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are its weight and also bulk.

steel cable padlock