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Cycling Clothing for Every Occasion

Cycling in total comfort and safety, with style and elegance. This is the goal of cycling clothing, which has seen a real revolution in recent years in terms of materials, technologies and design. If before dressing as a cyclist meant wearing a tight-fitting and anonymous technical uniform, today bike clothing has become much more sophisticated and fashionable.

Technical garments still represent the heart of every cyclist's wardrobe. Breathable jerseys, pants with stretch inserts, windproof jackets-all designed down to the smallest detail to ensure optimal performance on two wheels. But aesthetics is no longer sacrificed on the altar of functionality. Technical fabrics become softer and hint at the physique, lines become more slim and elegant, patterns and colors become a distinctive element.

Casual bike wear has also changed a lot. If you used to just ride in jeans and a T-shirt, today there are specific garments that combine practicality and style: cargo pants with reflective details, sweatshirts with back pockets, T-shirts made of breathable materials with a slim cut. Perfect for everyday use in the city as well as for a trip out of town.

A separate chapter is winter cycling clothing. "Layered" garments made of GoreTex or softshell allow you to face the cold while staying dry. Padded gloves, thermal socks, warming vests and under helmets maintain the right body temperature. Essential equipment for those who do not give up cycling even in the coldest months.

Finally, rain gear, with waterproof jackets and pants, rain boots, headgear and shoe covers. Because biking under water can be fun, as long as you have the right gear.

In short, cycling apparel today is truly vast and diverse. Highly technical garments sit alongside carefully styled offerings. A complete wardrobe allows you to choose from time to time the most suitable garment for the type of outing and the weather conditions. For every cyclist, cycling is passion, and dressing like a cyclist is a way to best express this passion.