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Shock Absorber Bike MTB

There are many types of full suspension mountain bike suspension designs, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the myriad of techniques, terminology and options. However, one thing they all share in being in the same category is their use of shock absorbers in the rear. The shock absorber is the heart of any suspension system. It absorbs the impact and shocks of the trail and adjusts the suspension links, allowing the rear wheel to turn up and down and remain at a constant level with the ground, absorbing impact and hugging the trail along its path.

Shock Absorber Bicycle MTB

Rear shocks for mountain bikes consist of two tubes that slide into each other. They all have springs, coil or air, that expand when force is applied and a damping mechanism that regulates the rate at which the spring compresses and returns. Without a damping mechanism, the shock absorber will look more like a pogo stick that falls abruptly when compressed at full force and then bounces back at a high speed.

Bicycle shock absorber upgrades or replacements are an excellent option for increasing bicycle performance. One of the most important things to consider when purchasing one is whether you prefer an air or coil spring. Most full-suspension bikes with shorter travel in the cross-country and trail categories use air springs. The main advantage of air springs is that they are lighter than coilovers. Air shocks are also easily adjusted by adjusting the air chamber pressure using an air pump. A coil spring is, however, usually preferred by downhill and enduro riders who ride on more difficult terrain. With high speeds and massive impact, coil shocks can appear smoother and are also known to be very durable.

MTB Rear Shock Absorbers

Rear shocks are a slightly more difficult purchase to fit on the bicycle than the sFRONT HOSPENSION. This is because many manufacturers have the same suspension length. It is important to know the eye-to-eye measurement of the particular shock absorber on your bike, as well as the size of the component. Some websites, such as Cane Creek's, offer tools that can help you find these measurements.

bici-bici.it offers a variety of rear coil and air shocks from all major brands such as Fox Racing Shox, RockShox, Dog Creek, DVO and many others. There are a variety of options and features to think about, such as blocks and adjustment of rebound and compression. When looking to buy a new rear shock, it is critical to start with compatibility and the amount of travel your bike was made to handle. This will help you narrow down your search. You will also need to be aware of some important measurements such as shock stroke and length (eye to eye), as well as whether you need new hardware to mount the shocks and accessories.

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