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eBike Gravel

eBike gravel: assisted pedaling for off-road adventure

The combination of gravel bikes and electric motors is rapidly giving rise to a new eBike segment: that of electric gravel bikes, designed to expand the boundaries of off-road adventure. Let's find out how gravel eBikes are revolutionizing the world of bicycle touring and bikepacking.

What is an eBike gravel bike

An eBike gravel bike is defined as a bike with typical gravel bike features, such as 700c or 650b wheels, tires between 30-50mm wide, and endurance geometry, to which an electric motor is added.

The result is a kind of hybrid between an eMTB and a trekking eBike, ideal for adventurous off-roading and long-distance riding.

Differences with eMTB and trekking

Compared with eMTBs, electric gravel bikes have a less powerful and aggressive motor, with torque limited to 25Nm and power 250W. Assistance is smoother.

They are distinguished from trekking eBikes by the presence of knobby wheel covers, to cope with the rough terrain typical of gravel. Geometries and components are more sporty.

What is the purpose of gravel pedal assist

The main usage scenarios of eBike gravel bikes are:

- Bikepacking in remote areas over long distances
- Bicycle touring on dirt roads and trails
- Short off-road tours with medium elevation gain
- Mixed asphalt/gravel paths
- Leisure tourism on easy off-road trails

In summary, electric gravel bikes open new horizons in outdoor activities and adventure.

Key benefits

The advantages of using eBike gravel bikes are many:

- Pedaling for a long time without fatigue on any terrain
- Tackling challenging climbs with extreme inclines
- Have more confidence on technical descents
- Loading heavy luggage even on rough routes
- Greatly extend the distances that can be traveled in a day
- Discover new off-road routes that would otherwise be too challenging

Thanks to pedal assist, bikepacking and off-road cycling are experiencing a new youth within everyone's reach.

Models of eBike gravel

The main brands that produce eBike gravel are:

- Cannondale Topstone
- BMC Alpenchallenge
- Orbea Gain
- Specialized Diverge EVO
- Cube Cross
- Giant Revolt E+
- Focus Project Y
- Scott Contessa eRide

These are models with list prices between about 3,000 and 5,000 euros in versions with high-end components.

Types of motorization

The most commonly used pedal assist systems in electric gravel bikes are:

- Bosch Performance Line CX: smooth and natural
- Fazua Evation: light and minimal
- Shimano EP8: powerful with high torque
- Mahle X35+: compact and efficient
- Brose S mag: quiet and responsive

Hub motor front or center, with power 250-350W and max torque 25Nm.

Maintenance required

The presence of the electric motor and use on dirt roads and dirt trails make some maintenance attention necessary on eBike gravel bikes:

- Carefully clean frame and group after each muddy outing
- Check spoke tightening and wheel centering frequently
- Periodically lubricate the bottom bracket and the headstock
- Clean and check suspension seals and joints
- Avoid high-pressure water jets on the engine

Thorough maintenance is essential for the durability and performance of the bike.

When the purchase makes sense

Purchasing an eBike gravel makes sense for those:

- Practices bikepacking and wants to reduce effort and fatigue

- Desires off-road adventure but has physical fitness limitations

- Must carry large loads of luggage on dirt roads

- Favors bicycle touring on mixed on/off road routes

- Wants to discover new gravel trails otherwise too challenging

- Looking for a medium capable of opening up new outdoor horizons


eBike gravel bikes represent a relatively new but rapidly expanding segment, thanks to their ability to enable epic off-road adventures that were previously precluded to most.

With electric gravel bikes, even untrained cyclists can enjoy unique experiences, taking the outdoors to a new level of depth. The possibilities become endless.