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Offerte Bici Elettriche

Deals and discounts on electric bikes: how to save on eBike

The advent of electric bikes has been a real revolution in the world of two wheels, making the bicycle an efficient and affordable means of transportation for everyone. In this article we analyze how to take advantage of deals, discounts and bargains to buy the eBike of one's dreams without spending a fortune.

Why eBikes cost so much

Usually the price of electric bikes is on the high end, with models easily exceeding 2,000 euros. eBikes come at a high cost for several reasons:

  • Presence of expensive electrical components: motor, battery, control electronics
  • Quality frame and mechanical parts capable of bearing extra weight
  • Research and development on technologies that are still relatively new
  • More complex manufacturing process than an ordinary bike
  • Famous brands charging a "premium price" on the name

Basically underlying the price is greater construction and design complexity.

How much does an entry level eBike cost?

Starting from the cheapest range, it is possible to take home an entry-level eBike by spending about:

  • 1000 euros for models with hub motor in the wheel
  • 1500 euros for eBikes with mid-engine of lesser known brands
  • 2000 euros for eMTBs of reputable brands with Shimano Steps or Bosch motor

These are still higher figures than the muscle equivalents.

Offers on high-end eBikes

Moving up to the high end, an eBike with quality components and advanced technology such as a Bosch Performance CX motor, 500 Wh battery and 11-speed transmission can cost as much as 6,000 euros at full price.

However, interesting deals on high-end models can be found online and at selected retailers, with discounts of even 30% saving several hundred euros.

For example, the same bike described above can be purchased for about 4,000 during promotions, with a smaller sacrifice.

Deals on folding eBikes

One category of eBikes where discounts are common is folding bikes. These are folding bikes with small wheels, perfect for urban mobility. They are normally prohibitively priced, but they periodically come in on offer.

You can find models rebated by several hundred euros, dropping from the initial 3000+ euros to around 2000-2500 euros with discounts. Bargains not to be missed to have the convenience of folding while saving money.

Offers on eMTB and eCity Bike

eMTBs and eCity Bikes are two highly successful categories where there is no shortage of discounts especially on previous season or end-of-series models.

For example, on a good eMTB with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and 29″ wheels, the savings can be as much as 20-30%, allowing it to be purchased for less than 4,000 euros.

For eCity Bikes with 26-28″ wheels, integrated batteries and automatic transmission, discounts typically start at a good 10% and can be combined with existing offers.

How to recognize valid offers

To understand whether an offer on an eBike is really beneficial, here are some useful tips:

  • Be wary of excessive discounts above 40%, they are often rip-offs
  • Verify that these are recent models, not "old" unsold bikes
  • Check online opinions on seller reliability
  • Ask if official manufacturer's warranty is included
  • Beware of excessive or hidden extra shipping costs

In summary, with a little shrewdness you can get good deals without any nasty surprises.

Where to find discounts and deals

Here are the best channels to unearth promotions and special offers:

  • eBike manufacturers' websites
  • Online stores specializing in the sale of electric bikes
  • Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay
  • Physical stores, especially end-of-season
  • Discount code sites and apps and deals
  • Newsletters and brand communications via email

With patience and a little research, it is possible to spruce up your budget and bring home the ideal eBike while saving money!

Do you agree to buy an eBike on offer?

Ultimately, with the right discounts and avoiding rip-offs, buying an eBike on offer would pay off big time. The savings can be substantial, on the order of several hundred if not thousands of euros on premium models.

You should not pass up opportunities to take home a high-tech, high-performance vehicle like an electric bike without emptying your bank account. With a judicious purchase, the eBike of your dreams is closer than you think!