How to choose the right bike helmet

How to choose the right bike helmet

How to choose the right bike helmet

First of all, let's go to see what is the bike helmet for?

Bike helmet – There has been a debate in Italy for many about the requirement to wear a helmet when cycling.

Although the usefulness of the helmet for protecting the head from impacts is clear, there are actually studies that say it can create a false sense of security in cyclists, who wearing it may be led to more reckless things than usual.

Others argue that imposing it by law may discourage cycling, which they would like to encourage in many cities.

A helmet is not what will make you safer on the bike-there are many others just as important, if not more so, such as proper road behavior and good bike maintenance-but it is useful protection in case of an accident or bad fall.

We are seeing more and more people wearing helmets, and as we are at this time of year when many are starting to bring their bikes out of the basement and equip them to use them to their best advantage, we have put together some things you need to know about buying and using a helmet.

Obviously the helmet is needed to protect the skull but how?

Due to its structure, consisting of an inner shell and outer shell, the helmet absorbs the kinetic energy generated during an impact, preventing it from causing head damage due to the movement of the brain in the skull.

It is the polyurethane foam or foam inner part that does this job, and it is seen in the way it deforms after a fall.

That is why when we choose a helmet, we need the structure instead of focusing only on the outward appearance if we keep the head!
The other parts of the helmet are also important to the ultimate goal : the outer part absorbs impact by distributing it over the entire surface and protects against its contact with the ground, while that the helmet's rear attachment straps improve the fit and allow for proper wearability.

When you buy a bike helmet you should pay close attention to these details.
And in case where it is necessary to remember: the straps are not there for beauty, but are there to hold the helmet in case of impact, always attach them!

What characteristics should be evaluated

The bicycle helmet should fit the anatomy of the head perfectly, thanks to an internal foam and an adjustable cranial.

For your comfort, the best products have an elastic occipital support system.

It is a very important choice because how safety is paramount when riding.

This is why you should always buy a quality helmet.

Although there are no laws in Italy requiring it to be worn, it is still necessary for this commitment.
This is because injuries resulting from falls can put you at enormous risk.

Just know, wearing a helmet will make you more relaxed and you can enjoy the bike ride.

What to draw the most attention to:

  • Construction
  • Padding
  • Ventilation
  • Adjustment
  • Visor
  • Extra protection

What types of bicycle helmets exist?

An important aspect to consider when choosing a bike helmet is your use of it : you use a road bike or a mountain bike, you have different needs from someone who uses it on a bike path to work or for a Sunday ride.

You are more exposed to the risks of falling speed, secondly if you do sports you need a lightweight and breathable helmet.

That's why the best road helmets are aerodynamic, increasing speed performance, and at the same time breathable, to be comfortable and cool during bike rides.

And perfect that they are Lightweight, but they must also be sturdy, to protect you in case of an accident.

For the same reasons the mountain bike helmets need to be lightweight and breathable, but in this case, they need to be really durable because the risks of falling are greater for those who practice this type of biking, due to the uneven ground that is covered.

To avoid damage, helmets mtb have more on the sides and back, as well as often a visor that protects the eyes from the sun, dust or risks impact with branches or mud splashes. bike helmets always protect you on a trip

What if in most you use a bicycle in your daily commute?

In this case, you just need to choose a universal helmet with the style you like, without having to be clearly visible to other vehicles in traffic or bad weather: black is stylish to complete your office look but is opting for a nice bright color.

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