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Bicycle saddles

Relaxed riding on a comfortable road bike, Mtb or Triathlon saddle
The saddle on your bike is one of the main links between cyclists and the bicycle. The saddle provides the support you need and is critical to enjoying a comfortable bicycle ride. It is therefore critical to select the appropriate bicycle saddle. There is a wide variety of saddles available There are saddles for boys and girls and for triathlons, road, Trekking or MTB mountain bikes, and also leather saddles, models with gel cushioning, models with ergonomic or cushioned saddles, or lightweight carbon or unpadded saddles. What should you look for when choosing the right saddle? What types of saddles exist?

Saddle for racing bicycles

The racing bicycle saddle is specially designed to provide optimal performance for speed and road cycling enthusiasts. Featuring an aerodynamic and lightweight design, this saddle encourages a forward leaning position to maximize pedaling efficiency. The saddle's shape and material are designed to reduce friction and provide proper support for the ischial bones during long distance rides. Choose a racing saddle that fits your riding style and make sure it has the proper size and width for maximum comfort.

Saddle for mountain bikes (MTB)

Mountain bike (MTB) saddles are designed to handle rough terrain and provide comfort and control during your off-road adventures. These saddles feature a wider shape and increased padding to absorb shock and reduce stress on sensitive areas. Some MTB saddles may have a slightly set-back shape to allow agile movements and facilitate technical descents. Choose an MTB saddle that fits your morphology and riding preferences to enjoy a comfortable ride on the most challenging trails.

City bicycle saddle and comfort

The city and comfort bicycle saddle is designed to provide an upright riding position and maximum comfort during urban commuting or relaxed riding. These saddles are wide and well padded to provide support and reduce pressure on the buttocks and back. They are designed for a more relaxed and less aggressive ride, ideal for those seeking comfort and convenience during daily city commutes. Choose a city or comfort saddle that fits your posture and provides stress-free pedaling even over longer distances.

Regardless of the type of saddle you choose, it is important to consider width, shape, and personal comfort to ensure that it fits your morphology and riding needs perfectly. A well-chosen saddle will enhance your experience on the bike, allowing you to enjoy your riding to the fullest.



How do I find a comfortable bicycle seat?

Choosing a bicycle seat is primarily an individual decision because each person has a unique anatomy for the seat and their preferences vary. Depending on the purpose of the style and use of the seat (upright or athletic) and the type of seat, the requirements for the quality of the seat are also different. Therefore, when selecting the best bike saddle for men or women, be sure to take note of the correct size to fit your body and seating position. The purpose of the saddle is also something to consider. Other criteria to consider when making a purchase decision might include materials, optic workmanship and weight. The following is applicable to all types of bicycle saddles:
The more upright the cyclist's seat, the wider the seat at the back of the saddle should be.
The more athletic the sitting position, the further the load is from the pubic bone and perineal area. A more spacious surface in the center of the saddle is one way to ensure more evenly distributed pressure. The saddle is also narrower overall.
Lots of padding does not necessarily mean better comfort. Bike saddles that are too hard enhance the contact surface between buttocks and saddle, which can cause increased friction and constant pressure during longer rides.
There are different saddles that work with every bike: Bike saddles are made for various uses. You can, for example, have the option of an urban and comfort bike saddle or a trekking saddle and an MTB saddle or a road bike saddle


How do I determine the right width?

Determine your ideal size is easy! Sit on a piece of uncoated cardboard, squeezing the legs tightly, and then measure the distance from the center of the areas with dents. Another way to identify the ideal seat for the Ischium and Pubis region is to perform a thorough self-test. In case the saddle you are using is too narrow and you are prone to slide forward while riding. In case your saddle is not tight enough, it will cause pressure-related pain in the inner part of your ischial tuberosity. Even the most perfect road or mountain bike saddle can injure you during initial rides due to the fact that your muscles and bones have to adapt to a new saddle before you can ride.


How should the bicycle seat be aligned?

Proper adjustment of the saddle will prevent pain and relieve the neck, back shoulders, and buttocks, improving comfort and thus the fun aspect of cycling. No matter whether you are looking to purchase a trekking, road, or city bike saddle, to achieve maximum performance you must:
  • Position the saddle vertically and make sure the nose of the saddle is in line with the center of the handle bars.
  • The saddle level can be adjusted in practice by following this method when sitting on the bicycle and adjusting the left or right pedal to 6 o'clock. Then, you should be able to reach the pedal surface using your heel while keeping your leg extended and your hip stays straight and horizontal.


Types of bike saddles: Road and triathlon saddles

Triathlon and road racing saddles are typically small, hard, and weight-optimized. This design allows for an athletic, nearly horizontal seating position and offers greater aerodynamics, more power, and maximum mobility. The recesses between the two saddles could ease the dam, and by choosing those cycling shorts, you'll be able to counteract the loss of comfort.
Triathlon saddles have a wider midsection and a specially designed saddle nose that, together with the use of a time trial handlebar or handlebars, can allow the standard triathlon riding position to be maintained for a long time.


Types of bike saddles: Mountain bike saddles

As with road bike saddles, slim MTB saddles are lightweight and sporty. bike saddles offer the best mobility and performance. The ideal MTB saddle allows you to respond quickly to technical trails and also to alter your body's center of gravity. The durability of the material, especially the frame, is essential.


Types of bike saddles: Trekking saddles

A more upright sitting position requires the saddle to be larger. A leather saddle or elastic seat shell can help with better pressure distribution, leading to a more comfortable seat. For longer rides, most cyclists shift their upper body load to the handlebars. In this case, the use of a saddle will decrease the pressure exerted on the perineal region.

Types of bicycle saddles: Selle City & Comfort

Comfort and City saddles are specifically designed to support an upright sitting position. They have a wide seat, lots of padding and, if necessary, suspension.This type of saddle cushions unevenness, relieves the spine and intervertebral discs, and reduces strain on the spine over shorter distances.


Unisex saddle, men's or women's?

Whatever the type of saddle, men's or women's unisex saddle or not,
saddle shape should always be determined by one's personal preference, saddle position, as well as size. For taller males, the region around the pubic bone is generally more sensitive, as in the case of women, the lower arch of the pubic bone is the most sensitive area. This inevitably results in different seating requirements that manufacturers incorporate into the design of saddles in their various product lines. Most importantly, the men's or women's saddles chosen relieve the affected areas while sitting on the bike seat and help you feel more comfortable.

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