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Electric Fat Bike

Fat bike electricha: the future is fat-wheeled

Electric fat bikes represent the merging of two relatively recent concepts in the cycling world: the traction and grip of the extra large wheels typical of fat bikes, combined with the thrust of an electric motor. Let's analyze why this fusion is rapidly emerging as one of the most interesting trends in the eBike industry.

What is a fat eBike

A "fat eBike" is defined as an electric bicycle equipped with oversize wheels that are wider than 3.7 inches (about 94 mm). These are fat bikes equipped with a rear or mid-mounted electric motor and related components such as battery, display and controller.

Thanks to extra-wide wheels with spoked spokes, fat eBikes provide excellent traction and traction on any terrain, amplified by the thrust of the pedal-assisted motor.

The advantages of fat-wheel drive

The main advantages of extra large wheels on electric fat bikes are:

  • Very high adherence on difficult terrain such as sand, snow and mud
  • Ability to "float" on soft ground that would sink thin wheels
  • Improved stability on uneven ground and ability to absorb bumps
  • High grip even at low inflation pressures
  • Increased ride comfort due to the bulky tire section

Basically, fat wheels on fat eBikes are perfect for extreme off-road and soft terrain.

Motricity without limits

By combining the extra-large contact surface of fat wheels with the thrust of the electric motor, pedal-assisted fat bikes become unstoppable off-road machines.

The immediate torque delivered by the engine allows you to get out of the most difficult terrain unscathed and tackle prohibitive inclines even at low speeds, without patina. Top-level traction for otherwise impassable trails.

Increased speed on any terrain

Compared with regular muscle fat bikes, the electric versions allow for a much greater increase in riding speed on dirt, sand, snow or mud.

The motor provides the necessary thrust to maintain sustained speeds even where legs alone would not be sufficient. In addition, the maggioreaderence allows all the watts to be fully utilized without dissipating energy in wheel slippage.

Pure entertainment

Perhaps the greatest advantage of fat eBikes is that they exponentially amplify the fun on off-road trails. A smile is guaranteed!

The always-available cue of the engine and the traction of the fat wheels allow you to enjoy the most technical dirt trails with confidence and assurance in your means. An exciting riding experience within everyone's reach.

Ideal for bikepacking and bicycle touring

The combination of fat wheels and pedal-assist also proves successful for bikepackers and long-distance off-road cyclists.

The eFat bikes allow you to ride dozens of kilometers in comfort away from the asphalt, without overexerting yourself thanks to the thrust of the motor. Therefore, excellent for adventure tours in total freedom.

Fat eBike models

Leading eBike manufacturers such as Bosch, Shimano and Brose offer pedal-assist systems designed specifically for pairing with 4- or 5-inch fat wheels.

Some of the most interesting fat eBike models include:

  • Specialized Turbo Levo Fat
  • Trek Farley
  • Scott Contessa eRide
  • Merida eBig 6000
  • Cube Nutrail Hybrid
  • Haibike XDURO FatSix

Prices range from about 3,000 euros to over 5,000 for the top of the range.


The disadvantages of fat eBikes are essentially:

  • High price
  • Consistent weight above 25 kg
  • Battery life reduced by increased effort

However, the advantages in terms of off-road performance far outweigh the disadvantages.


Electric fat bikes are undoubtedly one of the most interesting segments in the eBike market. The combination of electric power and fat wheel contact surface area allows for fun off-road experiences that are affordable for everyone.

If off-road adventure is your passion, definitely consider buying an eFat bike-it will allow you to expand your horizons and experience biking in a whole new way.