Mountain bike rear shock absorber (Outlet prices)

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What is a rear shock absorber?

The composition of the rear shock absorber is unique, consisting of telescopic tubes that slide into each other. The spring acts as the shock absorber, and the whole mechanism becomes part of the bicycle with the help of the eye on each side. In each eye, a small pad passes through the active suspension to provide the desired shock absorption.

How does the rear shock absorber work?

Rear shock absorbers create a mechanism through which the spring movement dampens and the shock absorber is absorbed. The compression and rebound of the spring spreads out over time, resulting in reduced sudden impact.

How to find the right rear shock absorber?

Whether you want to upgrade your existing rear shock or install one on your bicycle, you should look for two things: size and type of spring.
The eye-to-eye length of the bicycle shock absorber is what I meant by size. You can measure the size of the existing bicycle shock absorbers and order the same size shock absorbers again.
There are two types of springs: air sprung and coil spin. You can choose the one you think will make things comfortable for you.

Do you need anything else besides rear shocks?

Yes, if you are upgrading your bicycle and buying new shocks, you will also need to get the bolts. These bolts are essential for attaching the rear shocks to the frame. Although the mechanic can guide you on the perfect size if you want to repair your bicycle yourself, you will need to see mechanical puzzle Whether 5 mm or 7 mm bolts work.

Do the rear shocks fit only after fixing them?

You can consider the rear shocks fully functional, but to adjust them to your style and body weight, you will need a few turns. With the sag settings adjusted, the coil-up and unwind are adjusted to help you with a smooth ride.

Is there any updated bicycle shock absorber?

If you are in love with your bicycle and want all the latest technologies to fit it, then platform-damped shocks are here. These shocks remain silent if the pressure stays below a threshold. It means that the pedaling force will not activate them, making it easier to continue paddling smoothly. However, they will work well when you hit rough terrain.

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