eBike with Accelerator

Accelerator ebikes, or electric bikes, are becoming increasingly popular in recent years as an environmentally friendly, convenient and healthy means of transportation. Many ebikes are equipped with an accelerator, a device that provides an extra boost of power when needed. In this article we will explore in detail the benefits of having an accelerator on your ebike and how it works.


Ebikes are essentially regular bicycles equipped with a small electric motor and battery that assist pedaling. The electric motor provides support as you pedal, making it easier to accelerate and climb inclines. Most ebikes have several selectable levels of electric assistance, from minimal to high.

The throttle is an additional device that provides an instant power boost to the bike when activated. It works independently of the primary electric assist and can provide a very strong boost for overcoming obstacles, starting from a standstill, or climbing steep inclines. Throttles can be activated by a button on the handlebars or a lever.

Advantages of the accelerator

Having an accelerator on your ebike has several advantages:

  • Easy starts from a standstill: The throttle makes it much easier to start from a standstill, especially if you are stopped on a hill. Just press the button to get the extra boost needed to start.
  • Steep climbs: Steep inclines can be a challenge even with electric assistance. The throttle provides the extra power needed to tackle them smoothly.
  • Overtaking and maneuvering: The throttle makes it easier to overtake and maneuver in traffic situations, providing that extra oomph when needed.
  • Higher top speed: Many accelerators allow the ebike to reach higher top speeds than standard electric assistance. Useful for commuters.
  • Better battery management: You can use the throttle strategically to save primary electrical assistance and preserve battery power.
  • Versatility: Throttle makes the ebike more versatile and suitable for a wide range of situations and routes. From city use to off-road use.
  • Fun: Extra acceleration makes the driving experience more exciting and fun!

How the accelerator works

Most accelerators use a high-power brushless motor attached to the rear wheel or bottom bracket. When activated, the throttle instantly provides a boost by concentrating extra power to the wheel or bottom bracket, turning the wheel faster.

Throttles are designed to provide an immediate but time-limited boost. Many turn off automatically after a few seconds to avoid overloading the engine. Others have a speed limit beyond which the extra acceleration is progressively reduced.

The throttle draws its power from the same battery used for the ebike's primary electrical assistance. However, prudent use of the throttle affects battery range relatively little. Most users report a reduction in range of less than 10% with normal use.

Accelerator types

There are three main types of ebike throttle:

  • Twist grip: activated by a knob on the throttle, like motorcycles. Allows gradual control of power.
  • Button: dedicated button on handlebar for instant activation. Easy accessibility.
  • Lever: a lever near the handle that activates fingertip acceleration. Precise control.

The different types suit different riding styles and preferences. Twist grips are best suited for sporty, off-road use, while button and lever are ideal for city use.

Safety and ethics

The throttle significantly increases the performance and top speed of the ebike. This raises safety and ethical considerations for responsible use.

In terms of safety, it is important to always keep an eye on the extra speed provided by the throttle. Excessive use can lead to losing control of the ebike. It is good to gradually get used to the increased power.

Ethically, extra speed should be used judiciously, especially in pedestrian areas. The extra power implies greater responsibility in the safe use of the ebike.

It is also important to check and comply with any legal speed limits for ebikes in your area. Speeding is not an excuse for irresponsible speeding.


The throttle is a great addition to any ebike model, adding versatility, performance and fun. It allows easy starts, effortless steep climbs, higher top speed, and a more exciting riding experience.

However, extra power also requires ethical and responsible driving. The accelerator should be used judiciously and in moderation to ensure the safety of the driver and others. Drive within legal limits and keep your speed under control at all times.

With careful use, the throttle can really take ebike performance to the next level. It is an upgrade worth considering for many urban and sport cyclists. It turns the ebike into an even more versatile and fun ride!


Frequently asked questions about eBikes with throttle

  1. What is an eBike with a throttle?
    • An eBike with throttle is an electric bicycle that can be assisted by the electric motor through the use of a throttle, similar to that of a scooter.
  2. How does the throttle work on an eBike?
    • The throttle on an eBike allows you to adjust the power of the electric motor without pedaling. Simply press the throttle to increase speed.
  3. Do eBikes with accelerators require pedaling?
    • No, eBikes with throttle can be operated without pedaling, but it is also possible to pedal with the electric motor active.
  4. What is the range of an eBike with throttle?
    • Range depends on battery capacity and use. Typically, an eBike with a throttle can travel between 30 and 100 kilometers on a single charge.
  5. How to charge the battery of an eBike with throttle?
    • The battery of an eBike with throttle can be recharged via an electrical cord plugged into a household outlet.
  6. Is a special permit required to ride an eBike with throttle?
    • In Italy, you do not need a special permit to ride an eBike with throttle, but you must comply with traffic laws.
  7. What is the maximum speed of an eBike with throttle?
    • The maximum speed of an eBike with throttle may vary, but it is generally limited to 25 km/h to comply with European regulations.
  8. Can I use an eBike with throttle on bicycle paths?
    • It depends on local laws, but generally eBikes with throttles are only allowed on bicycle paths if they meet the 25 km/h speed limit.
  9. Are eBikes with accelerator suitable for the city?
    • Yes, eBikes with throttles are ideal for urban travel, offering an environmentally friendly and practical way to get around the city.
  10. How much does an eBike with accelerator cost?
    • The price of an eBike with throttle can vary widely depending on the model and specifications. On average, they can cost from 1,000 to 4,000 euros or more.
  11. What are the advantages of eBikes with accelerator?
    • Benefits include ease of use, extra speed when needed, and reduced physical exertion while cycling.
  12. Can I ride an eBike with throttle even without the battery?
    • Yes, you can pedal an eBike with throttle even without the battery, but you will lose the electric assistance.
  13. Do eBikes with accelerator require special maintenance?
    • They require regular maintenance like any other bicycle, with attention to the battery, brakes, and motor.
  14. Can I carry an eBike with throttle on a vehicle?
    • Yes, many eBikes with throttles can be carried on bike racks or in a vehicle, but check the size and weight of your model.
  15. Can I modify a regular bicycle into an eBike with a throttle?
    • It is possible, but it is important to do it legally and in accordance with local road safety regulations.
  16. Are eBikes with accelerators environmentally friendly?
    • Yes, eBikes with throttles are considered an environmentally friendly means of transportation because they reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  17. What is the warranty of an eBike with accelerator?
    • The warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but is generally between 1 and 2 years for electrical parts and chassis.
  18. How can I find the right model of eBike with accelerator for me?
    • Consult a specialist dealer and try different models to find the one that fits your needs.
  19. Can I rent an eBike with accelerator?
    • Many cities offer eBike rental services with throttle for a limited period.
  20. Are there any discounts or incentives for buying an eBike with accelerator?
    • Some Italian regions offer financial incentives for eBike purchases, so check out the opportunities available in your area.