Choosing a bicycle: 9 tips for beginners

choose a bike

Choosing a bicycle: 9 tips for beginners

To buy the right bike model, you need to follow some nuances of choice. Let's talk about the main ones.


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Price. It is important to choose a model that meets your financial expectations. The high price of a bicycle can therefore result in a considerable cost of its spare parts.

Outward appearance. First of all, you should like this transport: in terms of color, shape, size, ergonomics, and location of accessories.

Type For example, a mountain bike is ideal for off-road and forest trails; a hybrid bike is perfect for both city and rough roads. There are also full suspension and road models, fat bikes, electric bikes, and others-consult the experts before choosing a model.

Frame size. It must be suitable for your height, otherwise transportation will hardly be convenient.

Wheels, tires. It depends on the type of bike. For example, slick tires are suitable for bike paths, mud tires are suitable for sandy surfaces, off-road.

It has a damped fork. It will mitigate possible vibrations, vibrations from road imperfection.

Number of speeds. Also, it is not worth paying too much for them if you do not know how and will not use them all. Models with 21-30 speeds are considered powerful, however, even in a professional environment, the transmission of bicycles is rather modest, but it is enough.

Brakes. Basically, the choice depends on the surface coverage for skiing: for the city, skid brakes will be optimal, for off-road and other extreme conditions, disc brakes.

Accessories. Shields, basket, trunk, platform-all are selected based on practicality, design.