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Bicycle Cranksets and Crankarms

The heart of the transmission is your crankset, the bicycle cranks together help transform your power from pedaling to the forward motion of your bicycle. The term "bike cranksets" is a generic term used to describe many essential parts, including chainrings, bottom brackets and cranks.

Bike cranks

Your pedals connect to your cranks, which are connected to the axle at the bottom of the bracket (also often referred to as "the pivot"). The crowns (or sprockets) connect via a direct articulated bracket or spider to your cranks. Then, when you press down on the pedals, the chainring and chain of the cranks rotate, creating momentum for the rear wheel of your vehicle.
Crowns are machinable metal wheels with teeth evenly spaced around the outer edge that connect the chain. Modern road bikes have two crowns, but triple crown configurations are an alternative. Most mountain bikes today use one crown, however you will still see two-crown configurations.
Crowns differ in size and shape. The standard shape is round, but there are other options such as oval. Tooth shape can also vary in lx crowns, typically using narrow or wavy profiles to improve chain retention.
Crown size is indicated by the amount of teeth. The typical range is 25t up to. The greater the number of teeth in the crown, the harder the bike, however, it is also the faster it will push the bike on the track or on the road.
The two cranks, positioned 180 degrees from each other, can differ in length, typically in the range of 165 mm to 180 mm, in 2.5 mm increments, to accommodate different sized cyclists. The most commonly used lengths range from 170 mm to 175 mm. Most cranks are made of aluminum o carbon fiber, however, titanium and steel are often used.
Bottom brackets are used to join the wheels and crowns of the bicycle, allowing the cranks to turn freely. There are a variety of types and sizes of bottom brackets such as BB30 or PF30 threaded and BB86 just to name several. Choosing the right bottom bracket and bike cranksets could be a daunting task. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to talk to an expert at this time.
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