Road Bike Cranks (Outlet Prices)

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Before going all-in with your bicycle, it is very important to know all the technicalities and mechanics of riding a bicycle. It's not just about pushing the lever in one direction and pedaling the bike; it's about understanding how everything works.
The crank and its parts; they are the heart of your bike's transmission. Your bike cannot function without it; also, it must be strong, light and durable. Read more about bike cranks and learn all equally important.

1: What is a bicycle crank?

A bike crank is a component that the chainring uses to bolt on; cranks are the levers attached to the pedal. Without the crankset, you cannot ride your bike.
Cranks are mounted on both sides of the bike connected by an axle. In addition, there are different types of cranks: steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.

2: How does the Bike crank work?

With BMX bikes, steel cranks work best. The front chainring is referred to as the crank and they are assembled with the cranks or commonly known as the "crankset."
The crank turns into a sprocket, and as the chain moves away from the centerline of the bike, pedaling becomes more difficult as you go faster. It is relatively easy to understand the mechanism; once you know the main components.

3: Which BMX crank is right for me?

There are specific ranges of cranks for BMX bikes, and depending on the nature of BMX, you can choose the crank.
Race cranks: are made of aluminum and carbon and save a lot of weight on the bike. Also, with the race crank on the BMX bike, you need to have a euro-style bottom bracket.
Three-piece: the most popular crankset commonly found on BMX freestyle bikes. However, they have two separate cranks attached to a spline axle.
One piece: this crank is found on entry-level or beginner bicycles. Also, for this crank, you need to install the American-style bottom bracket.

4: What are the important factors when changing the bike crank?

When you upgrade or replace your BMX bike crank, make sure you get the right dimensions. It is important to know the exact axle diameter and crank length.
Axle diameter: you have to check the bottom bracket first to know the axle compatibility. The two common axles are 19 and 22 mm. Also, there are different spline patterns: 48, 16 and 8 splines are the most common patterns. Get the accurate axle and spline measurement to make sure your sprocket fits your new cranks.
Crank length: measures the length from the bottom bracket axis to the center of the pedal axis. However, most cranks are 170 or 175 mm or less than 140 mm and up to 190 mm long. Choose the crank that fits your leg size; it will give you optimal comfort and control.

5: Why buy from us?

Now that you know all about bike cranks, particularly BMX cranks, you can easily explore a couple of options.
However, our range of replacement cranks, spiders, bearings, bolts and spacers; improves the lifespan of your bike. In addition, our cranks keep your ride as smooth as it should be.