Mountain bike frame (full sale price)

Are you looking to purchase a mountain bike frame? you are in the right place because we sell high quality bike frames at whole sale prices.
Engaging in a new activity is not easy; you cannot just dive into a new set of hobbies. You have to learn about different horizons, suspension designs, high-tech parts and accessories.
Don't worry; we've got you covered. We tore everything apart; how to choose your bike, rely on the design, choose the bike frame, etc. In simpler words, a one-stop shop for everything you need to know and buy from your ride.

1: What is a mountain bike frame?

Choosing a bike frame can be a difficult decision. It's something you can't go wrong with; it's basically like getting a new ride. Because the frame decides how the bike goes and can dominate your riding experience.
The bike frame is the main component of your bike, and you need to make sure you buy it based on accurate measurements.

2: What size bike frame should I get?

You may have started with the size guide based on the length of the upright tube and the frame designation of the bike; according to your height. It can definitely be a good start, but you need to try the bike that suits you completely.
There should be complete transparency between your feet and the floor that can allow you quick disassemblies. Bicycle frames that are too large can lead to awkward and stretched positions; a small frame will also make you feel cramped and exhausted while riding.

3: What should be the wheel size for the accurate frame?

When you update the frame size of your MTB, you need to make sure your wheels accept the frame; or vice versa.
The standard wheel sizes are; 26, 27.5 and 29 inches, respectively. However, if you try to enter the wrong size, you will ruin the handling process.

4: Aluminum or carbon frame?

You can have the same bike frame in both versions; carbon and aluminum. However, the carbon fiber version is slightly more expensive than the other materials. However, it is not about the cost; it is about the quality and durability.
Carbon frames are lighter than aluminum; you don't have to balance your weight and the weight of the bike. Comparing the two versions is quite misleading, as both have their charms.
The professional rider always goes for aluminum frames; how they know how to juggle weight. Because aluminum frames are extremely good with roads and trails, they do not let the rider feel the roughness of the road.

5: Why buy from us?

You must have acquired a good understanding and knowledge of mountain bikes and the types of bike frames. You need to keep track of your tastes before buying a MTB frame.
We have a variety of bike frames available; both carbon and aluminum versions. We also make sure you get the right kind of material to fit your bike.