CAMPAGNOLO Bora wto 33 vs. 45

Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 vs. 45

Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 vs. 45: comparative analysis

In the high-end range of Campagnolo wheels, the choice for many enthusiasts comes down to the outstanding Bora WTO 33 or Bora WTO 45. But what are the differences and how to choose between these two top-of-the-line models? Let's analyze the pros and cons in detail.  Bora WTO 33 vs. 45

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Campagnolo Bora WTO 33

Bora WTO 33 wheels feature the 33 mm lenticular profile rims. Compared with the 45 mm model, they have less aerodynamic effort but provide greater lightness and responsiveness.


- Lightness - The set weighs only 1380 grams
- Responsiveness - The smaller rim section makes them more responsive
- Versatility - Perfect on both climbs and sprints
- Maneuverability - Easier to control in crosswinds


- Lower lateral stiffness compared with 45 mm
- Less aerodynamic over long distances
- Less stable at very high speed

Campagnolo Bora WTO 45

Le Bora WTO 45 wheels push the involution of lenticular wheels up to 45 mm rims, the maximum allowed by UCI regulations.


- Advanced, highly aerodynamic lenticular profile
- Maximum lateral rigidity and driving precision
- Excellent stability at high speed
- Comfort on long journeys thanks to wide rims


- Slightly heavier: 1395 grams the set
- Less agile to control in crosswinds
- Require a minimum of adaptation on the part of the cyclist

Technology comparison

Both models share Campagnolo's cutting-edge technologies such as MoMag, USB ceramic bearings, C-LUX technology on the rims. 
The only difference lies in the thickness of the lenticular rim profile, 33 mm or 45 mm, which has different advantages and disadvantages.

Conclusion: choose according to your needs

In summary, the choice between Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 and Bora WTO 45 depends mainly on the route characteristics and personal riding style:
- The 33 mm is more suitable for mixed tracks
- The 45mm dominates long distances and high speeds
Both represent the best available in the wheel world today. The summary table makes it easy to compare the different factors.

Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 vs WTO 45

Bora WTO 33 Bora WTO 45
Set wheel weight 1380 gr 1395 gr
Lateral stiffness Good Excellent
Aerodynamics Good Excellent
Handling Excellent Good
Versatility of use Mixed routes Long distances
High-speed stability Good Excellent
Reactivity Excellent Good
Price € 1500-2000 € 1700-2200

By choosing the model that best suits your riding style and favorite routes, you'll get the most out of your Campagnolo-branded Bora WTO!

Frequently Asked Questions: Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 vs 45

1. What are the main differences between Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 and Bora WTO 45 wheels? The main differences are in rim profile height and corresponding performance. WTO 33s have a 33 mm profile, while WTO 45s have a 45 mm profile, affecting aerodynamics and versatility.

2. Which model is lighter, Bora WTO 33 or Bora WTO 45? The Bora WTO 33 model is slightly lighter, weighing about 1380 grams, compared to 1395 grams for the Bora WTO 45.

3. In terms of lateral stiffness, which model is better? Bora WTO 45s have excellent lateral stiffness compared with the good lateral stiffness of Bora WTO 33s.

4. Which wheels have better aerodynamics, the Bora WTO 33 or the Bora WTO 45? Bora WTO 45s offer a level of aerodynamics classified as "excellent," while Bora WTO 33s have a rating of "good" in terms of aerodynamics.

5. Which model is more manageable, Bora WTO 33 vs. 45? Bora WTO 33s are considered "excellent" in terms of handling, while Bora WTO 45s are rated as "good."

6. For what types of routes are Bora WTO 33s recommended? Bora WTO 33s are ideal for mixed routes, offering a balance of aerodynamics and versatility.

7. What advantages do Bora WTO 45s offer for long distances? Bora WTO 45s are recommended for long distances because of their stability and comfort, ideal for tackling longer routes.

8. In terms of high-speed stability, which model is better? Bora WTO 45s are considered "excellent" in terms of high-speed stability, while Bora WTO 33s are rated as "good."

9. Which wheels offer greater responsiveness? Bora WTO 33s are considered "excellent" in terms of responsiveness, while Bora WTO 45s are rated as "good."

10. What is the price range for the two models? Bora WTO 33s have an average price of € 1500-2000, while Bora WTO 45s are around € 1700-2200.

Remember that the choice between Bora WTO 33 and Bora WTO 45 will depend on your personal preferences and specific driving needs. Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 vs. 45